Thursday, September 12, 2019

Motherhood: It's a Balancing Act

A Life and Motherhood Update

My baby Liyana and I are 6 plus months in and here's what I know: Mommyhood is all about balance. 

Balancing your chequebook, balancing your time, balancing your feelings -balancing your energy! 

It's like hanging a painting- one day you're a little to the left, the next day you're a little to the right. You gotta keep adjusting!

As a mama you give yourself to the baby, your partner, the family, your friends....I'm still learning to give myself to ME.

What I'm Working On

These days, I'm taking extra time to check in with myself, find time for my health, look for ways to force myself to take a break because there is always something else to be done. 

Finding small opportunities to take some time for yourself can be rewarding- as long as you don't take too much time and feel the mom guilt. (Ah, you need to balance that too!) -  all while keeping baby on his/her optimal schedule might I add.

How to Reset

While every day is a different story, today I have made it a priority to try to find a little more balance. I may teeter off my path again tomorrow...but I will have to reset and readjust as the baby's needs and schedule changes. 

Step one today is sitting down to make a plan so I can keep my balance as much as possible- I'm looking to fit in classes and baby activities, increased fitness opportunities for me, more time for my work, some professional development and meal prep! 

You know what they say, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail - so I'm hoping making a written plan will help me make the best use of the little personal time that I have. 

These are the things that I find fill my cup, uplift me and give me energy and strength to take care of my little lady. 

Wish me luck! What are you trying to balance these days?

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