Sunday, September 13, 2015

Interview with Chef and Cookbook Author, Vikram Vij

Growing up, I was obsessed with the Food Network. It was always on in my house and I'd spend hours watching some of my favourites: Giada De LaurentiisRachael Ray and Michael Smith

I loved watching them chop, cut, stir and share their secret tricks and tips with viewers.

I remember seeing a commercial for the grocery chain Loblaws while watching...and it featured reknowned Indian Chef, Vikram Vij.

 Everything about the commercial was interesting and intriguing. From the way that Vikram worked with the spices and ingredients, to the scene of his dinner party with friends at the end and the enchanting flute and tabla music in the background.  
                                                                                I started following his career and learned all about the charismatic chef, Vikram Vij. He owns multiple restaurants in Vancouver: Vij's , RangoliMy Shanti and now a food truck called Railway Express.

He has written a number of best selling cookbooks, has a collaboration with Neal Brother's potato chips and has a successful product line of ready to eat Indian meals.

What was really intriguing was his philosophy to marry the concepts of the elegance of fine dining with delicious Indian cuisine.

Recently, he appeared as a Dragon on the ninth season of The Dragon's Den. He's also been a guest judge on Top Chef Canada and a guest and judge on reality cooking shows like Chopped Canada and CBC's Recipes to Riches.                                      

It was a true honour to finally get to meet and sit down with Canadian culinary icon, Vikram Vij. I've been following his career for so long and he's been at the top of my "must interview" list for quite awhile.

I'm so glad it finally happened and excited to share our chat with you all here. 

Hope you find it as inspiring in the kitchen as I did.


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