Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Dining: Eataly Toronto

Mangia, Mangia!

This summer has looked a little different than summers of our recent past. We've stayed local and close to home (often hanging out in our backyard) and sought out little ways to explore our own city!

Living in the suburbs, I always love to head into the city because Toronto is so vibrant and full of beautiful boutiques, restaurants and green spaces. Venturing into the city always feels like a mini-vacation to me. 

Joined my friend Solmaz (@thecuriouscreature) for a patio dining experience at Toronto's Eataly. I love the ambience, fresh cut pasta and their grocery store onsite where you can grab a few things to prepare at home. 

If you visit, don't forget to try their cafe and gelato stand to cap off your meal!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Motherhood: Books to empower children

Planting seeds for the next generation...

As a woman, as a minority, as a daughter of immigrants - this moment in history is so important.

In 2021, the United States of America has appointed its first female, woman of colour, daughter of an immigrant as the Vice-president.

In the U.K., the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have left an oppressive system that did not treat them as equals due to race, class and background. 

In both these examples, we see women of colour in positions that matter, choosing to take a stand and make a difference. 

These are women who stopped and said, "I am speaking..." and refused to accept the answer "that's just how it is..."

I'm hopeful for my daughter,  because it means she lives in a world where women can do anything. They can rise up, use their voices and challenge systems that aren't working.

She will hopefully grow up in a time when where you come from doesn't dictate where you are going...

But above all I hope she lives in a world where character matters. Where little voices can make a big difference! And that's a lesson I want to teach her every day.

While conversations will definitely happen as she grows, at the toddler stage we turn to books to teach big lessons.

Here are some books we love to use to plant seeds of empowerment:


While there have been many positive strides over the years, there's still much learning and unlearning that need to take place as a society for us to see any true lasting change for the better. 

It's an uphill climb but we are committed as a family to doing the work to make sure the next generation inherits a better world.

Will you join us? 

Share your favorite books to help plant positive seeds of change in the comments or find me on IG @angeliesood

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

4 Restaurants to Visit in Toronto's Little India

Recently I had the chance to visit one of my favourite communities in Destination Toronto - Little India!

I grew up shopping here, so visiting brings back so many fond memories of my childhood.

One of the big draws for me is the delicious and authentic Indian cuisine.

Crispy samosas, flavourful daals, spicy kabobs - I love all the food!

If you're looking to explore the delicious eats in the area - today I'm sharing a list of my favourites. They are small mom and pop restaurants that have held a place in Gerrard India Bazaar for many years.

In case the pictures have you craving some desi food- all of these restaurants offer takeout and many also have delivery options as well. 

So let's get a taste of Little India!


One of the original restaurants on Gerrard St. East, Motimahal is known for the classics. Try their Channa Bhatura - spiced chickpea curry with fried and fluffy bread. You can also try their thalis, a traditional Indian mixed plate featuring a variety of curries, roti, rice and yogurt. It's also a great way to try a few different dishes off the menu!

Leela Indian Food Bar

At Leela you will find a mix of modern and classic dishes prepared in the traditional dhaba style, which means: they specialize in street food! Try the Cauliflower chaat and wash it down with a sweet Royal Falooda (best I've had in a long time)! 
They are on Skip the Dishes, so look out for them!

Lahore Tikka House
Lahore Tikka House is where you want to go if you're looking for tandoori meat dishes. Juicy chicken tikka, spicy kabobs and fresh garlic naan - they've got all the dishes to warm you up from the inside.

Desi Burger

A little restaurant with a large window open to the street, Desi Burger is one of the area's hidden gems. It's incredibly unassuming- aren't those the best spots? I'd go just to have a cup of their divine Masala Chai, but they are really known for their Pakistani style burgers, which are rivalled only by those sold on the streets of Lahore. You can't leave without a taste of their creamy kulfi - it's so good you may need to buy multiple flavours (don't say I didn't warn you).

If you're looking to spice up your life, check out these local, family-run restaurants for their take-out and delivery options. 

Let's support the small restaurants and businesses that bring so much vibrancy to our city. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lifestyle: 5 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

In 2020 one of the realities many of us face (if we are lucky) is working from home.

While it sounds so fun and easy - there are many challenges you can face when your office is only a few feet away from your bed! 

Not to mention the constant distractions and other jobs that pull us from our actual work!

For example - there's always dishes to wash and laundry to do (and toys to put away). Add to that a quick bathroom break that reminds you you're running low on toilet paper (there's no office manager tracking those things), which leads you to start making a grocery list and then think about what you're making for dinner....you get my point. 

It's easy to get distracted when there's so much to be done and it's right in front of you!

After eight months of pandemic life there are a few things Kunal and I have found that work for us as we navigate the wfh life. I thought I'd share some tips and tricks that help us stay on task, increase our motivation and get more accomplished as we both work from our home.
1) Have a separate work station

Setting up a separate work station in your space (preferably away from where you rest/relax) is a great way to stay productive and mark the start and end of your work time. 

Set yourself up for success by preparing your environment - do you need pens, highlighters, post-its regularly? Keep them nearby to prevent yourself from having to run from room to room looking for what you need. 

2) Time Block

Take 5 minutes and think about your biggest goals for the day and write them down. Now think about your biggest distractions- for me it's meal prep, laundry, my other jobs like running my Instagram etc. If you wear many hats, it's helpful to block your time out. 

As a freelancer, I have quite a few things I need to get done on any given day. I find it helpful to make a list of tasks and then block my time in hour-long chunks (sometimes 30 minute periods works too). 

The key is to dedicate your work period to only ONE task. You lose steam switching gears, so focus on one thing for a given time, and you will get more done. 

3) Allow yourself to take a break

Surprisingly, many people report they take less breaks when they work from home. Make a schedule for yourself that is similar to when you worked in an office setting. Perhaps breaks at 10:30 am, 3:00 pm and lunch at 12:00pm works for you? 

Set those hard stops and actually use them to decompress - get some fresh air, get a snack and allow yourself a tech break so that you can be more productive when you get back to work.

4) Write it down

When you are working close to your kitchen, it's hard not to get distracted by the mountain of dishes on your coffee break.

 My tip? Write it down.

I keep a post-it or notepad near my work space and write down any tasks that come to mind while I'm working. That way, I know I won't forget and I can continue to focus on my work instead of having to take care of it right away. At the end of my work period or work day, I have a list of those pressing personal to dos and I can tackle them all at once.

5) Focus Mode 

This is by far the most life-changing of all my tips. I often work from my phone as well as my computer. If you're in the same position, there are even more things vying for your attention while you work. Learn to use your phone's "Focus Mode" and thank me later.

This week, my hubby introduced me to this feature on my Google Pixel and it's amazing! I can select the apps that I find to be most distracting and they are silenced whenever I turn on this mode. On some phones it is also called "Zen Mode" and on Apple Phones it's called "Screen Time".

When I am about to start a work period, I select "Focus Mode" and I can use my phone for my work without any distractions. It's increased my productivity and I feel much more accomplished at the end of each session. It's a great feeling and I enjoy my breaks even more, knowing I've earned them!

Working from home sounds relaxing but it comes with its own set of challenges. I hope these tips help you stay focused on your tasks while you navigate the wfh life too. If you have tips to share, I'd love to hear them! Find me on Instagram @angeliesood and let's chat!


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Motherhood: Where to Buy Multicultural Baby Dolls

As my daughter approaches a stage where she is interested in pretend play and learning how to interact with others, I thought introducing her to a baby doll would be a great way to teach her things like empathy and how to use 'gentle hands'. 
Playing with a life like doll encourages:

•imaginative play
•care of self and others 
•vocabulary building (body parts, clothing, belongings etc)
•screen-free activity

I began my search on the internet to find a realistic looking baby doll that would have a skin tone similar to ours. It was hard to tell just by looking online, so the next time I went to a big box store in my area, I visited the toy section - there weren't very many options and they all happened to be Caucasian.

No problem, I thought. I'll go to a large, well known toy store where I'm sure they have many to choose from. The store did in fact have many dolls but I only saw one culturally diverse doll and she was not realistic looking at all. 

I was very disheartened when I left and browsed a local book store and was met with more of the same. Ten shelves of Christmas books, four single books about Hannukah and one about Diwali. 

In 2020, it's hard to believe that sourcing a multicultural baby doll or diverse book selection would be a task that required research, but it is.

I sat down, did some digging and put together a great list of options for you if you're looking for a doll brand with inclusive options. 

I enjoyed putting the list together, but the point is- I shouldn't have to.

This week we saw a strong Black and South Asian woman appointed as Vice-president of the United States of America. There's no doubt in my mind that many young boys and girls will look up to her as an example of what is possible with hard work and determination. 

For children in minority groups, Kamala Harris represents even more - the fact that people see us. The fact that we CAN be seen, heard and represented. 

Was glad that some brands (like those on this list) see us too and are working hard to ensure our children see people like them not only on the playground but also in their playroom.

Realistic Baby Dolls

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Collection in the styles Maria, Calin, Alyzee and Mila

American Girl "Bitty Baby"  in the styles #1, #4 and #5

Mine to Love by Melissa and Doug in styles Mariana and Gabrielle

Baby Born had great options for boy and girl dolls in different skin tones
Our Generation Dolls - had good options in a variety of hair colours and skin tones with brushable hair

While working on this post, I came across a few stores that I felt were celebrating diversity and inclusion. 

The Knowledge Bookstore (Brampton) is a great resource for culturally diverse dolls and books. It's a Black owned business and a small local store celebrating inclusivity. 

Mastermind Toys also has great options and carried dolls varying in skin tone and style. I appreciated the fact that they offer free gift wrapping and when I made a purchase and said it was for "Diwali", the store manager suggested a culturally appropriate wrapping paper choice for the occasion (she knew what Diwali was!) They also had beautiful gift wrap choices for Hannukah.