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Travel: Five Reasons to try Glamping this Summer

Let's Go Glamping

Ah summer! The weather is all warmed up and nature is calling everyone outdoors. I love this time of year! People smile more and are generally in a better mood. I love that everyone has a little more energy to plan some outdoor fun and I like to extend this energy into the autumn months too.

One of my favourite ways to spend time outdoors in the summer/early fall is to go camping with a group of friends. We've done this for the last few years, and my husband and I always talked about going just the two of us as well.

We thought it would be so romantic and relaxing with the quiet setting, a burning fire and a sky full of stars.

To be honest - the amount of work that comes along with camping is what has deterred us. From planning, to packing to setting up - it's way too much for two people to do alone.

That's why I was so excited to learn about Glamping! If you haven't heard of it before, it's glamorous
camping. A solution for those who love the wilderness but not the idea of "roughing it".

Want to know more? Here's my top five reasons you'll want to try the trend.

Enjoy the Outdoors

The number one reason to go camping is to immerse yourself in nature. This is true for Glamping too, and there's nothing like the serenity and peace that comes from breathing in fresh air and listening to the birds in the trees.

A stunning sunset from our last Glamping adventure in Norfolk County, in Ontario's Southwest

Save time and energy

Camping requires a lot of planning. In order to "rough it" you have to plan your meals, figure out your sleeping arrangements and set up your accommodations. I know it's part of the fun but it can honestly be a lot of work. You will be saving a whole lot of time and energy if you glamp instead.

This campfire was already waiting for us when we arrived at Long Point Eco Adventures

Pack less

It's funny that doing something that takes you back to nature would require you to bring so much along. From canteens of water, to firewood, pillows, sleeping bags and everything in between, it's a lot to pack.

Bringing utensils and pots/pans - not to mention the other things you would normally take on vacation (bathing suits, towels, sunscreen etc.) - it's just a ton of STUFF. If you Glamp instead, you can leave all that at home and just bring what you would need on a summer overnight.

Sleep Comfortably

One of the most attractive features of Glamping is being able to enjoy a soft and comfortable place to sleep. Most glamping sites offer beds with fresh linens in a tent that is more like a room. Some even offer heating and air conditioning!

Suitable for all ages

Glamping is an amazing experience and suitable for all ages because you will find the same comforts of a hotel room - running water, electricity, indoor lighting and even a private washroom with a shower all within your tent.

So whether you want to bring someone who is 5 months or 85 years old, you will have what you need to have an enjoyable experience.

Now that you know WHY you should try glamping, let me share with you WHERE you can do it, here in Ontario!

My glamping experience was at Long Point Eco Adventures in Norfolk County. It's about a two hour drive from Toronto and offers incredible outdoor experiences without all the extra work.

Located within the broader region of the Long Point UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the campgrounds   overlook the inner bay of Lake Erie and Turkey Point Marsh.

At Long Point Eco Adventures, they have amazing wilderness suites which are equipped with everything you need to have a comfortable overnight experience in the woods. The rooms are safari style tents with sliding glass doors and offer the following little luxuries:

  • a king or queen size bed
  • heated blankets for those crisp nights
  • a ceiling fan and electric heater
  • a mini fridge
  • a lamp and electrical outlets
  • a full hotel style washroom 
  • an outdoor shower so you can bathe under an open sky
  • a deck with Muskoka chairs
Basically - all the best parts of camping are waiting for you when you arrive.

They also have great activities available on site like Tree Trekking and Ziplines, axe throwing and a state of the art Observatory with an incredible Night Sky program - we saw Saturn!

To help you unwind, there's a fabulous winery, Burning Kiln, which is within walking distance from the campgrounds. It's the perfect place to enjoy a tour or tasting in the middle of nature.

When it comes to food, a full, all you can eat breakfast is included in your stay. We  enjoyed fresh coffee each morning with sausages, eggs  and toast as well as some fruit and yogurt.

For lunch, you can check out the onsite food truck where you can get delicious tacos and sandwiches - perfect for enjoying outdoors.

There are also communal barbeques set up in case you want to bring some groceries and make your own meals. Each suite also has a mini fridge to store the essentials. Personally, I enjoyed having a break from the meal preparation.

Why Go Now?

I personally love getting outdoors all season long but especially in the late summer/early fall months. The reason? It's no longer peak Camping time but - the colours are so beautiful! The air is a little fresher and cooler which means its perfect to enjoy long days outside and get active too!  Also has anyone else noticed less bugs and mosquitos as the summer winds down? And - fire side s'mores are just so much tastier when there's a little chill in the air!

Hope I've inspired you to experience something different and enjoy an incredible Glamping holiday this year. I for one, cannot wait to go back!

A special thank you to my friends at Norfolk County Tourism and Long Point Eco Adventures for sponsoring this blog post. As always, all views and opinions are my own.

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