Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lifestyle: 8 Canadian Companies Selling Cloth Masks Online

Where to Buy Masks Online in Canada

Times have changed and there is one 'accessory' that has very quickly become a necessity.

in 2020, cloth face masks have become an important part of our daily reality. The CDC  now recommends people wear them when they are visiting places where maintaining social distance is difficult.

Since regulation PPE should be reserved for front line workers and medical professionals, I've spent some time searching for some local retailers from whom I could purchase a few reusable
cloth masks for my family.

For anyone looking for the same thing, I thought I'd compile a list of small and large Canadian companies who are carrying masks in their online shops.

Who is Behind the Masks?

Many of these companies have embraced innovation in order to supply masks to frontline workers, businesses and retail customers. Other suppliers are citizens who decided to sew masks as a side project to raise funds for COVID research or to help supply PPE to those who need it.

Raubia, the woman behind Maskover.ca started sewing when Toronto hospitals asked for volunteers to make fabric masks.

"I immediately felt I had to dust off my sewing machine and do my part to help out. It really was a call to action for me and I wanted to help however I could."

Purchases on her site help her to continue making masks so she can donate them to people and communities in need.

Like Raubia (and the other suppliers mentioned here) I want to do my part by supporting local businesses who are making efforts to stop the spread.


More then ever before, it's important to support Canadian brands as much as possible, so we can help these small and large businesses stay strong through this difficult time.

Note: I decided to buy 2-3 masks per person in my household and supported a few of these local companies in the process. Hope you do the same if you're looking for face masks for personal use.

Suited Inc. Cotton face masks with or without filters. Custom designs and children's sizes available.

Entripy - 100% cotton twill. Masks are cut and sewn in Canada. Custom designs and bulk orders.

MaskOver - Donating masks to hospitals and communities in need. Children's sizes available.

Obasan - Organic cotton face masks that enabled their staff of seamstresses to return to work. Ships next day.

Moji Mask Canada - A variety of styles and colours as well as bulk packs. Supporting local seamstresses with employment during COVID-19.

Amelia Rose -  Project Mask fund campaign to continue raising funds to continue producing and donating to frontline workers in need.

Roots - Donating a mask to a frontline worker for every purchase.

Peace Collective - Donating a mask to a frontline worker for every purchase.

Thank you for joining me in support of local businesses.

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