Sunday, December 15, 2019

Travel: Baby Beach Essentials

What to Pack for Baby on a Beach Vacation

Now that we have had the opportunity to take a few trips with our little one, I thought I'd share my top picks for what to take on a trip to a beach destination.

In my experience, planning for a trip with a little one requires a little more thinking and strategizing. It's definitely fun but I found there was more I needed to prepare and take along, compared to travelling alone or as a couple. I figure it's time to do a series of posts on what to take along with you when you're packing for a baby.

My Baby Beach Essentials were items that were so helpful to me on our last beach vacation and they are definitely things I'll be taking along the next time we hit the beach.

Baby Wrap or Carrier
It's tough to push a stroller on sand and we found it was helpful to have our baby wrap with us. I loved the Beluga Baby wrap- it packed up super small, was stretchy and comfortable for the baby and the sand just brushed off.

Milk Snob Nursing cover
With the wind on the beach, using any other cover while nursing would not have worked. I love the Milk Snob because it's stretchy, secure and gives you great coverage while nursing. Also it packs up very small and is super light.

Large Beach Towel
Having something to lay the baby on while at the beach was great. I made sure to have an extra towel for my chair so that she could lie on it comfortably while snoozing.

Long-Sleeved Bathing Suits
I had no idea how quickly a baby's skin can burn! Thankfully, we had packed long sleeved bathing suits for her. These were great to help block the sun and keep her comfortable while in the water.

After 6 months of age, baby's can wear sunscreen. Our sunscreen of choice is ThinkBaby, as it was highly recommended for being a clean product.

Tip: if you are going on a beach vacation before your baby is 6 months old, the best times we found to be out at the beach were from 7am-9:30 am and then again in the evening around 6pm-7pm. We spent more time in out hotel room than we would have if we were travelling as a couple - so I'd recommend booking a room with a swim up pool or a balcony so you can enjoy the weather while the baby takes a nap for instance.

Sun hat and Sunglasses
Sun protection is always key when you're headed down south. A wide brim hat and UVA/B protected glasses for the baby (if they keep them on) are helpful to block the sun's rays.

Stroller Fan
I always talk about my stroller fan but honestly I can't say enough good things about it. It is so helpful in hot climates and during the summer. I recommend this particular one by O'Polar because I learned through trial and error that you need multiple speed settings and a rechargeable battery.

Small cooler for snacks

A cooler for the baby's milk, drinks and snacks is so helpful when travelling. I'd suggest packing some ziplock bags or a small container to take food and snacks on the go. It's so helpful to have a bag to keep things cool. I love this one by Skip Hop which you can attach to your stroller or diaper bag.

A few small toys 

If your baby is in a toy phase, a few water and sand proof toys or books would be a great item to pack a long. Small and light weight options would be my pick.

Hope this list of Baby Beach Essentials helps if you are travelling somewhere warm this winter. Let me know what your baby beach must-haves are too! Send me a message on Instagram @angeliesood I'd love to hear from you!


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