Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Motherhood: Baby Favourites 0-3 Months

Baby Favourites 0-3 Months

Now that I have cleared the newborn phase of my little babe's life, I thought I would share some of the products that helped us most while our baby was in the 0-3 period. It's such a precious but crazy time and I know I appreciated all the advice and sharing that my mom friends did with me to help me through the transition.

Today I thought I'd write about some of my essentials for life with a baby that I found to be helpful to have around during the early days.

Of course, I loved having traditional items like Muslin blankets (a must), a stroller (we chose the Uppababy Vista and Mesa car seat ), burp cloths and bibs. They were so so helpful and if you want to see the items that were the best for our little family, I have linked them all in my Amazon Storefront to make it super easy to shop from.


My number one favourite book during this time was The Wonder Weeks. There is also an app you can make use of.

The theory behind the book is that all babies go through 10 fussy periods in their early years and that these phases are linked to developmental growth periods. By knowing what is going on developmentally, you can prepare yourself and support your child without getting frustrated or losing your cool!

Loved this book and highly recommend it.

Sleepers and Gowns

In the beginning, we used sleepers all day, because our babe was literally sleeping almost all day. I loved cotton one pieces with zippers and my favourites were from Burt's Bees, Carters and Baby Gap.

I really loved these Kimono style robes from Parade Organics. We still use these in the 3-6 month phase that we are in now. These robes make night-time diaper changes a breeze and also doubles as a bit of a sleep sack.


At this stage babies don't really need much to entertain them. But books are always a great thing to start collecting as they can grow with them.

For a 0-3 month old, I'd recommend books with high contrast, black and white pictures. As baby's eye-sight develops, high contrast really helps them to focus and build concentration. Small sized board books are great for baby to hold and to take with you on the go.

Colourful, soft toys with rattles, tags and mirrors are also a crowd-pleaser at this age!


Having a place to lay baby down for tummy time is very helpful. We loved our Skip Hop Play Mat. Bonus- the Farmstand theme helped expose her to fruit and vegetables way before she was even ready to eat.


For bedtime, we preferred the Halo Bassinet which was gifted to us. It was truly amazing- especially for me as I was recovering from a C-Section. The sides were made out of mesh so our baby felt comfortable as she could see us. We also loved that it was easy to get her out of bed for night feedings and changes.

We also absolutely loved the Snuggle Me Organic lounger. This was one of those products that I didn't know I needed at all. It was probably one of the best surprise gifts we received!

Our baby was super comfy and cozy lounging in this for short naps when we were watching her. This was a product I really didn't know I needed until I was in the Newborn stage and realized all she wanted was to feel close and secure.

These Sleep Sacks with the wrapped arms were so helpful too! They are made by Halo and we loved them to help transition her out of a swaddle and into a sleep sack. 


For Feeding, I was lucky to be able to breast feed my baby and used a pump so dad could help with the bedtime feed. Our favourite bottles were the Como Tomo bottles - they had the most real look and feel as well as anti-colic valves to help the baby's tummy.

My pump of choice was the Medela Free Style. After some time, I learned that washing the parts was the most tedious part so I used one side of the set up for a morning pump session and the other side of the set up for an evening session. This helped me avoid washing both sides twice a day - which mostly saved my sanity! (lol- but not really.)

Hope this list of my favourite things for the 0-3 period and helps anyone doing some shopping or planning for a baby in their future. These are just some of the items that were helpful to us. If you want to see more of the items that were best for our little family, you can check out the links in my Amazon Storefront and shop away!


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