Monday, June 24, 2019

Lifestyle: Five Things to do to Boost Your Mood

What to do When You Experience a Low 

It happens to all of us- you're minding your business, going about daily life, when bam! Something hits you and you're not feeling as "go get em" as you once were. It could be a comment from a friend, a suggestion from a coworker or a compliment gone wrong from your spouse (LOL- we've all been there).

Whatever the trigger, you're feeling low and mopey. When we're feeling this way, we tend to busy ourselves with passive activities - scrolling through social media feeds or binge watching a tv show in our pjs. But because of our mood, instead of feeling relaxed or inspired by these activities, we end up feeling worse then when we started.

Low moods are part of life and what goes up, must come down- but there's no need to stay there too long. 

Here's a few ways you can pull your socks up a little quicker and get your mind and your heart back on track fast.

Go Outside

Stepping out into the fresh air is a great way to change your mindset. Doing this in the morning especially, can have a great impact on your mood. The air is generally cooler and makes you feel a sense of renewed energy. 


The quickest way to feel better fast, is to get some steps in. Going for a walk/run, doing some yoga or even an online workout video, will get you to a great mindset in no time. Even better- head to the gym. You will get out of the house and get some endorphins flowing which will definitely give you a rush of positivity.


Doing a quick meditation will really help get your positive juices flowing. Try a guided meditation video on Youtube like this one. 

If you need an instant mindset shift, try aromatherapy. I use a pure essential oil in an uplifting scent like Lemon, to give me a little boost if I need some positive energy flow.

Just apply a drop of a citrus scent (make sure to use only the purest essential oils - I use DoTerra brand oils. Connect with me on Instagram to order them in Canada. )

Put a few drops on the palm of your hands, rub them together, place them over your nose and then take three deep breaths in. You can also put a few drops in a hot cup of water for a DIY diffuser. But if you don't have any essential oils at home, peeling a fresh orange or zesting a lemon will definitely give you the same type of therapeutic benefits. Just take some deep breaths while you do it. 

Read (Listen or Watch)

Reading something inspiring- whether you have time to commit to a book or a one page article, can quickly enhance your mindset. In the same vein, watching an inspiring documentary or TedTalk or listening to an uplifting podcast can make all the difference in your day. The most recent talk I watched was Brene Brown's The Call to Courage on Netflix and it gave me so much to think about. 

I recently also got back into Podcasts and I love them. These, along with my Audible "reads" give me life when I'm driving, walking or even doing household chores. It's a great way to consume knowledge while you do your daily activities and it's the ultimate answer for those who feel they don't have time to read.


Make plans with a friend who inspires you. It could be someone who makes you laugh, someone you have great conversation with, or someone you just haven't seen in awhile. The point is connect in person. Reach out to a friend and meet for a coffee. It will force you out of your lull and get you out of the house. You'll have fresh conversation, feel warm and fuzzy from hanging with your friend and generally be in a better mood.

It's natural to have low moods from time to time. But it's definitely important to be able to pull yourself out of them too. If you're feeling low,  hope these tips help you get back to your positive and energetic self quickly!

If you find that the low mood persists and you just can't shake it - please reach out to a friend, your health care provider or find help online by clicking here .


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