Saturday, February 9, 2019

Motherhood: First Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

A Few of My Favourite Things to See You Through the First Trimester

Every stage of the pregnancy journey so far has been awe-inspiring and challenging in its own way.

Captured by Oottum Fine Photography

When I think back to the beginning though, I think the first trimester was the scariest.

It is a time of excitement and anticipation but there's also the fear of the unknown, the faith you need to muster that things will work out...and if you decide to keep the news to yourselves for awhile, like we did - there's also a sense of loneliness.

It can be an isolating time when you're feeling all these new sensations but cannot talk to your friends about it, since you have yet to make an announcement. That was honestly, something I found to be extremely difficult as a first-timer.

Captured by Oottum Fine Photography

I turned to Youtube quite a bit to ease my apprehension and to get through a time when I needed to "talk," but wasn't ready to share.

It really helped to watch videos of other girls discussing their favourite items, their symptoms and their pregnancy updates week by week.

As a Youtuber myself, I knew I would want to return the favour when I could. So here is my first Youtube Pregnancy video. I plan to do a short series of my favourite things to get me through different stages and will add on videos as they are requested.

In this first video, I'm talking about my favourite foods, clothing and products that got me through the first three months.

I hope that these little updates will help other ladies who are trying to conceive or navigating various phases of the journey to Motherhood.
If you're struggling through this period, I'd suggest some good books, a few binge watching sessions on Netflix, lots of rest/relaxation and healthy eats. Use the time to reconnect with yourself and recenter as much as possible and you will get through it.

Lots of love and all the positive vibes for a peaceful and healthy journey ahead...



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