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Lifestyle: Holiday Home Decor

Home decor is one of those things that I get really excited about. I just moved in to a new home a few months ago, so decorating for the holidays has been something I've been looking forward to. One of the most exciting things? Having a porch!

Previously, we lived in a condo, so this is my first porch and first chance to really have some fun with it.

One of my girlfriends suggested I share some of my fun little touches on the blog since I famously photograph everything anyway, so here it is! Hope you all like it and perhaps find some inspiration for your own home.

The Porch

This was the most exciting part of my decor setup this year - the porch! 

On the railing, I added bunches of fresh pine boughs and tied them with some jute ribbon. It was a simple and inexpensive way to tie everything together.

I've always envisioned vintage ice skates being a part of my decor. I found this pair at an antique shop in Prince Edward County and immediately fell in love. They are lined with a Christmas plaid! 

I placed them in a vintage crate with some boughs of fir and some berries. 

Tip: If you buy a fresh wreath, always keep the plastic berries that come with it. I save these every year and it has really added to my collection of festive pieces. 

This year, I used my collection of red berries to add pops of colour to this tiny, fresh pine that I placed on our porch. I also placed a small piece of wood which I painted with chalkboard paint at the foot of the tree with a cute little holiday slogan on it.

 It really puts a smile on my face when I come home and I hope our guests get that warm feeling too.

The Front Door

I found this amazing vintage wreath at Micheal's and added my own touches. It happened to have the same jute ribbon that I used on the porch so it was a perfect fit.

 I also found two white birds to add to the wreath which ties in one of my favourite holiday motifs (I'll explain later...)

The Colour Palette

When decorating for the holidays, it's usually a good idea to pick a palette and add to it or change it each year. For example, my parents always start with gold and add red, blue or white decor depending on their mood that year. This really saves you money in the long run when you use the same base colour and just change the accents.

I love neutrals and I like our holiday decor to be an extension of our home's aesthetic. Every year, the palette is white, gold, champagne, browns and tans.

I love the rustic look and we collect a lot of wooden, vintage furniture. So I incorporated rattan, wicker and natural elements into our tree decor. I've stuck with this theme for the past few years and find it always makes me happy to add these subtle, seasonal changes to our place.

The Tree

Hubby and I have a little family tradition. We love getting a fresh tree every year. We've found Fraser Fir has the best needle retention and scent.

We usually buy our tree during the last week of November and it lasts until after New Years. There is something special about a fresh tree and we really love making a date night out of it. We will choose our tree and come home, make some Chicken Potpie, have a glass of wine and start our decorating.

(I buy the potpie at Costco and it is a life saver during the busy Christmas shopping and present wrapping nights- try it with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes - super delicious and a true comfort food)

The Ornaments

The first and most special ornaments I ever bought were these two little white doves. My hubby and I released doves on our wedding day and these ornaments are from our first Christmas together. I always try to find a special place for these two little guys in the middle of our tree. To see them cuddling together always reminds me of the cozy warmth of the holidays.

I've been collecting ornaments for a few years but some of my favourite stores for holiday decor are: Pier One, Chapters, West Elm, Restoration Hardware and HomeSense. The pieces I find here are truly special and unique. Each year, I add a few more but I try to only buy the pieces that I truly love. My hope is that in a few more years I will have a collection of some really special ornaments that I will love taking out year after year.

I've also found simpler ornaments from Loblaws and Walmart that help me fill out my tree. I bought these in different sizes in the same colour palette as the rest of my decor.

The Mantel

Our new home has a fireplace (something I always missed while living the condo life). As a result, we also have a spacious mantle. I decided to use my large framed chalk board to add a little holiday touch. I wrote the words from one of my favourite Christmas songs, "Baby, it's Cold Outside" to add a bit of warmth and coziness to our home.

I placed branches of fresh pine on the mantel and used white berries (from wreaths of previous years) to dress it up a bit. I also flanked the frame of the chalkboard with two large white candles.

Little Touches

This year, I added a bit of glitz with these gold cushions from Structube. Peeking out from behind our beige couch cushions, they add a pretty little holiday sparkle to our family room.

To extend the vintage feel, I bought some wide jute ribbon from a craft store and added that to our railing. Paired with some holiday garlands, it has a very old timey vibe.

Tip: Instead of looping strings of lights or garlands through the rails, I always use twine to tie garlands or lights to railings. It looks cute and also makes it super easy when it's time to take down the decor.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, I kept the decor fairly simple. Fresh white hydrangeas and some fresh eucalyptus brighten the room up. My sister also brought me a gift of a lavender tree which was the perfect addition to our countertop.

On our kitchen table, I added another garland and I'll add some candles as well, come Christmas Eve.

I love using cranberries in my arrangements and this is something my family has been doing forever. This year I used tiny little glass jars and added some branches from our tree as well as cranberries. A tea light on top serves as a simple floating candle and I just love the festive touch this adds to my table.

I bought this felt mistletoe decoration a few years ago and it moves around our place every year. I placed it on top of my stove this time because- the chef should get some extra love for all that hard work, right? I accept hugs too :)

While doing some antique shopping, hubby and I picked up this vintage ladder. With a burgundy plaid throw draped over top, it adds a lovely hit of colour and a holiday feeling to our kitchen.

The basket at the foot of the ladder, is actually hiding our modem and router. I added a mini tree on top so that it felt like it belonged and the whole thing is a nice focal point behind our dining table.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my home for the holidays! Would love to hear about your holiday decor. Please leave me a comment below or find me on Instagram @angeliesood

Wishing you all the best for the festive week ahead!

xo Angelie

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