Friday, January 8, 2016

Travel: Santorini Guide- Perissa Beach and Senor Zorba's Mexican Restaurant

The island itself is gorgeous. We stayed in Perissa, at the 9 Muses Resort and as I mentioned in the previous post, we did not regret it. We were walking distance from the black sands beach, which was amazing.

There, I had one of the BEST spa treatments of my life by a woman who has a massage bed on the beach. She was a registered massage therapist from South Africa and practiced energy healing (Reiki) and acupressure. It was amazing and we still talk about this experience years later.

At the beach we also enjoyed some delicious food from the local restaurants. Many of the establishments serve food and drinks directly on the beach.

I have to mention the incredible beach view as well as the fact that there were plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs to take advantage of.

One unforgettable thing about the beach in Perissa is the black sand. We should really call it black pebbles. The sand is washed up volcanic rock and since it’s black it got extremely hot during the day. I would not recommend trying to walk on the beach barefoot. 

There are actually wooden planks built into the sand so that people can walk on them without burning themselves.

Like other European beaches, under the water the sand was rocky as well. I’d bring water shoes the next time I visit, but that is just my preference.

It was near the beach that we found we could rent ATVs. We decided to rent a 4-wheeler for two days and used the ATV to drive to the city-centre in Fira. The trip took about thirty minutes a way and my friend and I had the time of our lives.

We drove around town like (a tame version of) Thelma and Louise and stumbled upon an interesting looking Mexican restaurant. Being lovers of a little fiesta, we decided to stop. And I am so glad that we did.

This was such an unforgettable meal and a restaurant that I highly recommend to anyone who is travelling to Santorini.

Senor Zorba’s is in an incredible location (in Pirgos, Thira) on a cliff and has the most sensational view. 

The food itself is delicious- prepared by a husband and wife team from California who decided to move to Greece and open up an authentic Mexican restaurant.

You can sit indoors but my friend and I decided to sit on the patio, as close to the glorious view as possible. We ordered guacamole and chips, burritos and tacos…and it was one of the most memorable meals. Sounds strange, but if you’re in Santorini, authentic Mexcian is a must at Senor Zorbas.

Another highlight of our time in Santorini was definitely the first time I laid eyes on that view I’d been dreaming about for so many years. 

White cliffs, blue domes. They did not disappoint when we arrived in the city-centre Fira.

We walked through narrow alleys and cobblestone paths and finally, we saw it. I literally lost my breath, had to fight back tears and just stood in complete awe when I was face to face with the vision that is the cliffs of Fira.

                                                 I was and still am, in love with that sight.

After I stared for awhile, we decided to find a place to grab a bite and we had a great time looking out at the bluest water, a man leading donkeys up a narrow path, vendors selling their wares…we just sat and soaked it all in.

Fira is also where we came at night to go to some of the local bars and clubs. It was fun and we enjoyed the open-air venues and top 40 music.

Want to learn more about Santorini?

Check out my post on some outdoor adventure in Santorini here and my post about accommodations here. Happy travelling!


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