Thursday, January 7, 2016

Travel: Luxury Accommodations at the 9 Muses, Santorini

To date, Santorini remains one of my all time favourite destinations. Why? I don’t know that I can pin point it exactly. But I am guilty of getting just as excited for a friend travelling to this exotic location as I would if I myself, were packing my bags.

So what’s all the hype about? My friend and I embarked on a trip to Santorini in July 2011 and I really haven’t been able to get over the place ever since. I just know in my heart I will definitely go back, it’s really just a matter of time and opportunity.

I digress…so here’s the story:

We arrived in the evening and travelled by Olympic Air from Athens to Santorini (the fare was about 80$ CDN a person). 

We booked our accommodations at the 9 Muses Resort in Santorini, as this was the leg of our trip where we were planning to relax and indulge. Plus a little luxury never hurt anyone…especially when we were able to book a great deal through Expedia.

We arrived and literally were squealing with excitement. Once past the front gates we were pleasantly surprised all the way. The location may throw you off, as the hotel is located at one end of Santorini in Perissa. Surrounded by dark hillsides which I assume were formed by volcanic activity, the resort seems to be in the middle of nowhere.

But I think it’s because once you enter, you are in a different world completely.

The bright, room was decorated very elegantly with white fabrics and had a very “Grecian” vibe. We were very happy with the bathroom and luxurious King sized bed which was a welcome change from the bunk bed experiences in other cities (although, if you ask me, those hostels had their own charm too).

The 9 Muses was a heavenly oasis after our European travels. My friend and I definitely like hotels and nice things but can also save money where necessary. 

We enjoyed the hostel and small hotel experience in other cities but LOVED the peace, serenity and luxury of the 9 muses Santorini and had a wonderful experience there.

I’d recommend this hotel to everyone from couples on a romantic getaway to ladies on a girls’ trip or even families.

Loved the immaculate tropic landscaping around the resort

When I travel I love to soak in the essence of a place. Here, I did that each morning as I had an amazing view of hot pink Bougainvillea trees against black mountains and blue skies all from the pool deck.

relaxing poolside

Breakfast nook and poolside view
My friend and I spent every morning soaking up the sun poolside after the delicious and healthy breakfasts offered to us by the hotel. Then we explored Santorini- aka one of my favourite places on earth.

Disclaimer: This was a personal trip and my friend and I incurred all associated expenses. All views and opinions expressed are my own as always :)

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