Sunday, September 28, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

It's hard enough to make a breakfast decision on a Monday morning but as the week continues on I often find it harder and harder to figure out what to eat when I'm pressed for time. Often we are in too much of a hurry in the mornings on the way to work or school to really stand in front of the fridge and wait to be inspired by some of our ingredients.

I love to have some simple, quick, easy breakfast fixings on hand to make sure getting out the door is as seamless as it can be, while ensuring I've had a healthy start to the day that will keep me fueled.

Realistically toast is often what people turn to when they need to eat something quickly in the morning. I choose whole grain bread with flax seeds or oats- sometimes rye, sometimes bavarian and I top it in different ways.

Below I have listed some of my favourite ways to top my toast in the morning. You will also find other quick and easy tips on how to make sure you eat the most important meal of the day and still get to work on time. Enjoy!

Avocado toast is definitely a favourite. Mash or chop up about a quarter of an avocado and spread it on your toast like jam. I like to then hit this with some salt and pepper or lemon juice to give it a bit of flavour, though sometimes I'll opt for chili flakes too.

Another go to that packs the protein and healthy carbs is hummus on toast. I choose plain hummus (no garlic or extra spices) then top it with some nuts or seeds. Here I've used raw pepitas. But slices of cucumber or red pepper would be great too.

Egg salad is another way to top your toast. I will prepare this the night before, boil the eggs and mix with some light mayonnaise, salt pepper and celery. In the morning this is a no brainer and topping your toast couldn't be easier. It tastes even better with a little arugula or in this case, pea shoots.

Another sure fire way to top your toast, is peanut or hazelnut butter. Something about these nuts just loves banana. So slicing half a banana on top is a great way to dress up your toast and to get some fruit in your system early in the morning.

I've already blogged about chia pudding but I actually find making this to take on the go is a great way to enjoy a healthy, protein filled midmorning snack. I use chia seeds, almond or coconut milk, vanilla greek yogurt, berries and some granola for extra fuel (pack the granola separately and don't forget to add an ice pack to your lunch bag). You can read about how to make chia seed pudding here: Lifestyle File: Chia Seed Pudding

Eggs are another way to make sure you have a great breakfast even if you are pressed for time. Scrambling eggs the night before and keeping them in an air-tight container means you can reheat quickly in the morning and still have a filling breakfast. Boiling eggs doesn't take long either. My tips for boiling the perfect egg can be found here: Lifestyle File: Boiling Eggs

Don't forget the fruit! Keeping fresh melons already cut in your fridge and portioned in small containers will help you add some fruit to your breakfast as well. Berries are another easy solution as they can be pre-washed and cut ahead of time. I'd stay away from fruits that oxidize (apples, pears) but if you squeeze some lemon or lime juice on your cut pieces it will slow down the browning process and your fruit should stay delicious looking until lunch.

Hope these tips and meal solutions help you to mix up your breakfast routine and help you leave your home each morning after having a breakfast that keeps you fuller longer.

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