Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Couldn't Wait for Watermelon...

Once the weather gets nicer in Toronto, I am all of a sudden more in the mood to eat fresh, light meals that are packed with flavour. It's what enticed me to buy a watermelon last week out of season. Normally I am an advocate of eating fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and to shop in season but this time...I just couldn't wait. The little melon was calling my name.

So I came home, cubed it up and topped it with some crumbled Canadian feta cheese and some chopped mint. If you have never had this combo, you will not believe the flavours- sweet and salty. The juice from the melon mixes with the mint and you won't need a dressing at all, or even salt.
This is a perfect combination for picnics in the park, a barbeque, or any time you just can't wait for summer to arrive!

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