Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Motherhood: Books to empower children

Planting seeds for the next generation...

As a woman, as a minority, as a daughter of immigrants - this moment in history is so important.

In 2021, the United States of America has appointed its first female, woman of colour, daughter of an immigrant as the Vice-president.

In the U.K., the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have left an oppressive system that did not treat them as equals due to race, class and background. 

In both these examples, we see women of colour in positions that matter, choosing to take a stand and make a difference. 

These are women who stopped and said, "I am speaking..." and refused to accept the answer "that's just how it is..."

I'm hopeful for my daughter,  because it means she lives in a world where women can do anything. They can rise up, use their voices and challenge systems that aren't working.

She will hopefully grow up in a time when where you come from doesn't dictate where you are going...

But above all I hope she lives in a world where character matters. Where little voices can make a big difference! And that's a lesson I want to teach her every day.

While conversations will definitely happen as she grows, at the toddler stage we turn to books to teach big lessons.

Here are some books we love to use to plant seeds of empowerment:


While there have been many positive strides over the years, there's still much learning and unlearning that need to take place as a society for us to see any true lasting change for the better. 

It's an uphill climb but we are committed as a family to doing the work to make sure the next generation inherits a better world.

Will you join us? 

Share your favorite books to help plant positive seeds of change in the comments or find me on IG @angeliesood

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