Friday, October 30, 2020

Motherhood: 6 Easy Toddler Activities for Halloween

How to Halloween During a Pandemic

Halloween is a lot of fun with kids around. This year, like everything else, the fun will be a little different.

Without trick or treating, many parents are looking for ways to mark the occasion with some creativity at home. 

But if you have a toddler, it goes without saying that you don't have a lot of free time.

So today I'm sharing 6 things you can do at home with your child to make Halloween special, despite the Pandemic.

1) Halloween Sensory Bin

With a tray, some dried beans/lentils and a few cups or spoons, this can be a fun activity that can keeps your toddler engaged for a long time. I went with red lentils, black lentils and black eyed beans to give this activity a Halloween vibe. If you have some small Halloween inspired items like pumpkin erasers (dollarstore) or rubber spiders, add them to the mix to up the spook-factor. 
Note: you will want to supervise this activity carefully but you can definitely drink a hot coffee while you do.

2) Pumpkin Washing

This is a Montessori activity and follows the idea of children doing purposeful work. With a real pumpkin, water, a sponge or brush and a little hand soap, you can make this a very engaging practical life lesson on washing.

3) Set up a Halloween Themed Reading Nook

With all the excitement of the day, you are going to need some down time. Work that in with a reading station with some Halloween themed books. 
4) Plan a Video Call With Friends/Family in Costume

Seeing friends and family dressed up in costume is a fun way to celebrate, bond and mark the occasion. This is also a safe and fun way for Grandparents to enjoy the festivities.

5) Candy Sorting 

In a bowl, place different types of treats or candy (only choose what you are comfortable with your child eating at the end and use multiples of the same). Work with your toddler to sort them into piles based on the colour of their wrapper, the size, shape etc. This is a great way to build some vocabulary - talk about colours, shapes and even tastes (sweet, crunchy etc).

Of course, everyone chooses a treat at the end.
6) Halloween Dance Party

This is a great way to burn some energy! Put on some Halloween tunes and have fun moving to the music. Adding scarves, glow sticks and costumes will make this activity even more exciting.

Note: make sure you do this in a large open space for safety

Hope these quick and easy ideas for Toddler play help you celebrate at home this year.

 Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

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