Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Food: The 5 Spices You Need to Start Cooking Indian Food at Home

Indian Cooking at Home

When I was around 10 years old, I made dinner for my family for the first time. It was an Indian dish! Rajma - a curried kidney bean stew was the first dish I prepared. 

Now with everyone in quarantine, it's an opportunity to step up our game in our kitchens, prepare some dishes we've never tried before and enjoy the simple pleasures of a slower pace.

I hear very often from friends on my Instagram that Indian food is hard to make. 

Indian food is complex in flavour and can incorporate many different ingredients which makes the recipes seem daunting. 

But if ten year old me can handle it, I definitely think you can too! It really comes down to a few key spices and you can get started with experimenting in your kitchen at home.

Once you stock your pantry with the key spices, putting Indian dishes together will become so much simpler. 

So here are my top Five MVPS of Indian cooking at home:

Cumin seeds
Red chili 
Cumin powder
Garam Masala

These five would be perfect to get you started, but if you're already into Indian cooking at home and want to take it up a notch, some other spices you can add to your cabinet are:

Coriander powder
Cardamom pods (green and black)
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves 
Bay Leaves
Tandoori masala

Hope this post helps you get started, please share with a friend if you think it would help them out too.

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