Friday, July 19, 2019

Life With Baby: Diaper Bag Essentials

What to Pack in a Diaper Bag

These days I'm out and about quite a bit with my little one. My right hand man (aside from dear hubby of course), is my diaper bag.

I have this one from Skip Hop and find it to be really roomy and great for cramming a lot of stuff into. The one con of this diaper bag is also that there's space for a lot. You want to stream line and clean it out from time to time so you're not lugging around extra things when you don't need to be.

I try to carry the minimum amount of extra items in my bag but here are the staples that I can't go without.

Note: I love the idea of having a backpack diaper bag because it means you are hands-free but if I were to buy one today I would go with my original instinct to buy one in a faux leather look - something that I can take to any occasion and not feel like I need to take a different bag.

This is the one I originally wanted but the grey one we went with was my hubby's choice - either way - both great bags!

Change Pad
This one from Skip Hop is great - it has a change pad as well as a place for your diapers and wipes so everything you need to change a diaper is in one place.

I always have a light container of wipes (choose one that is skinny and light so it doesn't bulk up your diaper bag). If you buy the Change Pad - it actually comes with the perfect container for wipes too.  I also got a sample of a soft dispenser like this which has come in handy.

We love Pampers Swaddlers the most. I have tried other brands and styles but these are our favourite for fit and leakage protection. I also love that it has a wetness indicator built in, so you know when the baby needs a change based on the colour of the line.  (yellow for dry, blue for wet)

Diaper Cream and Dry Cloth
We use Earth Mama's Organic Diaper Balm and love it. It's actually great for any scratches, cuts and rashes too. I used this on sunburn and it helped heal it over night! We also keep a dry wash cloth to wipe up any access moisture before putting on a new diaper.

Tip: buy washcloths in two colours - one for bum stuff and one colour for wiping their face and for baths.

A Set of Clothes
I like to pack socks, an extra outfit (t-shirt onesie, pants or shorts) and something comfortable to go straight to sleep in if we are out late.

Extra Items

There are some things you can add to your bag to make it your own and to help you out while you're out of the house.

  • face cloth 
  • burp cloth
  • bibs (2)
  • hair brush                                         

A Few Other "Nice to Haves"

Muslin Blanket
These blankets are a must have and I love buying them in fun colours and patterns. We use these to put down on the floor when we are out so baby can play on it. We also use them to keep her warm, or even as a nursing/car seat cover. There are so many uses for these thin, light blankets - we even play games with them or use them as a burp cloth in a pinch. So versatile! 

Car Seat Cover
I have really enjoyed having a car seat cover. It's great for creating a quiet and dark space if your baby needs a nap, but it was also great during cold and flu season for an extra layer of protection. The one I bought is by Milk Snob and doubles as a nursing cover. It's super lightweight and rolls into a little ball so it's easy to carry around.

Nail clippers
I don't know why but babies' nails grow extra fast and they are razor sharp! Always good to have some clippers in your bag in case you didn't get the chance to do it at home.

Sweatshirt or light jacket
I like to be prepared so I tend to keep a sweater in a neutral colour in her bag too.

Pacifier and clip
If your baby takes a pacifier, it's something you will want to pack along if you're headed out. I love having a pacifier clip too. These are awesome for clipping toys, soothers and teethers to your babies' clothes or car seat so they don't fall and get dirty. I've linked a similar one to what I have here.

Stroller fan
We purchased a stroller fan when we were going on a beach vacation but it's been amazing for summer walks and time outdoors. Our baby runs hot so this is great for keeping her cool and comfortable.

Noise-canceling headphones
These headphones have been a life-saver for us on more than one occasion. We have used them to help our baby get to sleep while we went for dinner, at a sporting event and at a wedding. We are getting great use out of these!

Hope these tips help you as you pack and prepare a diaper bag for your little one. When we go out we also like to keep a rain shield and bug net with our stroller in case we need it. They are super helpful!

If there is something else you like to pack along with you when you head out with your little, let me know! Find me on Instagram @angeliesood

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