Friday, January 5, 2018

Dining: 5 Meal-Cations in Toronto

How to escape the cold without leaving the city 

With the frigid temperatures during this very Canadian winter, I know I'm not the only one dreaming of warmer climes. Jet-setting off to a tropical land is pretty tempting these days, but obviously it's not immediately in the cards for a lot of us.

Photo C/o Nikki Tingson @thestylishfoodie

That being said, this weekend I thought I'd share my favourite places to go in Toronto for a little Meal-cation. A dining experience that is truly so much more.

These are the restaurants that I love to escape to during the winter months to feel like I had a mini vacation without leaving my (freezing) city.

Miss Thing's - Hawaii

I absolutely love Hawaii. It's one of those places that I'd bet is on most people's travel lists. If you've never been or if you have and you're missing it....visit Miss Thing's.
 I love the ambience with the painted hibiscus walls and dim lighting. It's perfect for a date night but would be equally awesome with a group of friends.

Try their delicious cocktails (served in fun brass pineapples or fresh coconuts). You must also try their pineapple fried rice- it's out of this world! I love their use of tropical foods like jicama and jackfruit. Definitely a must if you want to escape the cold!

Lena- Argentina

I just love this little spot close to the Eaton Centre. The tiled floors, incredible lighting and showstopper of a bar definitely transport you to a different place instantly.

The cocktails are divine (ask the bartender to make you something with prickly pear juice- OMG, so good!) and so is the Tapas. This is the perfect place to order a few little plates to share with someone...actually, you may not want to share!

Tip: try the Blistered Padron Peppers and the Cod Fritters

Lahore Tikka House - India

Escape to India with a visit to this restaurant on Gerrard St. I literally can taste and smell the spices already. Here you'll find cute little touches like bright coloured walls, an actual rickshaw and string'll feel like you're dining in a simple road side restaurant in northern India. If you're looking for something a little fancier, sit upstairs - but this is a meal that's best enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere as you eat with your hands anyway.

Order their kabobs, chicken tikka and a mango lassi - you can't go wrong. Oh wait - and the garlic naan!

Chase Fish & Oyster - The Hamptons

This restaurant reminds me of the Hamptons. It's got that easy, beachy vibe but in a very upscale kind of way. I'm a seafood kind of girl so I'll take all the oysters, mussels and shrimp you've got. Luckily, The Chase has them all in abundance.

This experience will be a little on the pricey side but it's seafood and it's that Hampton's vibe. The ambience and decor here will definitely transport you to a summer evening spent at a fancy clam bake on the beach. You'll probably forget it's -30 outside. Probably.

Photo C/o Nikki Tingson @thestylishfoodie

Le Baratin - Paris

Le Baratin is like a little vacation in Paris- for your tastebuds. But forget the Champs Elysees - we're not visiting the tourist district on this trip. More like a little family run spot in Monmartre  or Saint Germain des pres where the locals hang out. Forget the fuss, this is true Parisian charm.
Let Chef Jean Regis pick something to prepare you - some fish en papillote, a beet salad, lamb shank,  mushroom risotto - every dish is a french classic but served up with modern flair. You're going to want to stay awhile.

Stay Warm!

Hope you all find a way to stay warm this weekend in Toronto. No matter when you visit the city, these restaurants are truly some of my favourites to get a little escape from the everyday. I hope you enjoy visiting them if you decide to have a "Meal-cation" of your own.

What are your favourite spots for a little dining escape in the city? Let me know in the comments below...I'd love to visit your faves too.

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