Monday, November 20, 2017

Lifestyle: Autumnal Decor at Home

Decor Update for the Fall

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.

Actually, scratch that- I love all the seasons! 

Well really, what I like the most is the change of seasons.

It's an instant refresh and the perfect time to reset. I love reorganizing and changing a few things around my home as the seasons change.

Even the smallest tweaks and special touches add a fresh energy and vibe to your space.

I thought before I refresh for the winter months, I should share some of my special touches for Autumn. 


This fall, I've really been into metallics. I've been warming up my space with rose gold and copper tones.

I've also been loving playing with different textures. This candle that I got as a gift really adds an element of interest to my otherwise neutral display.


When I buy my own fall scents, I look for something with a hint of warmth and spice to celebrate the season. This year I went with a cinnamon scent which will last me well into holiday time. (It looks so new and pretty I haven't even burnt it yet! I need to get on that.)

Natural Elements

Over the years, I've noticed that I'm all about adding natural elements to my home. I do this year round, but in the fall I'm all about the tiny pumpkins. I bought these little white ones at the beginning of the season and they've literally lasted me until now! 

Another element I added this season was some natural greens. A few branches of something in a vase really adds a bit of interest and colour to your space. This time, I experimented with some dried botanicals instead of fresh ones and I really liked the muted tones for fall.

On my dining table, I stayed within my natural toned palette and went with some seasonal squash. 

The good thing is, these veggies keep well at room temperature, so you can always cook your display when you're done using it as a centrepiece. Here, I used a mix of acorn squash, pumpkins and butternut squash.

Porch Decor

I carried the Autumnal theme out on to my porch with these rustic wooden elements and some heirloom pumpkins. I just love the look of these perfectly imperfect little guys, and had fun experimenting with the muted orange and green tones. 

Chrysanthemums are a great outdoor flower for the fall and these ones really livened up my porch during October and most of November. You can have lots of fun with the different varieties and they come in so many pretty colours!

Right now as we head towards the end of November, I'm fighting the urge to buy all the holiday decor! 

The displays are all so lovely but I'm looking at things through a more minimalist lens these days and it's important to me that I truly love each and every thing that comes into my home. If we don't love it - it just doesn't belong. (You can read more about how I've adapted minimalism in my home here)

So that being said, I'm starting my seasonal decorating by removing all my Autumn touches and de-cluttering the space. Removing some extra elements like photos and table decor will really help give me a clean canvas to enjoy my little holiday touches in December and January without feeling overwhelmed by "stuff".

How do you get ready for the change of seasons in your home? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 

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