Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lifestyle: Tips for Hosting an Autumn Brunch

Falling for Fall

I just love Autumn - the colours, the decor- the everything! It's such a magical time of year with all the golden hues and burnt orange colours in nature. I definitely love fall, so I was pretty excited when my mother-in-law asked me to help host a brunch party for my hubby's sister.

She was turning 31 so the idea was to have a pretty little spread at home, celebrating her big day. She's a lover of Autumn and an October baby so I knew just what to do.

Here, I'm sharing some details and tips for hosting a little Autumn brunch of your own.

The Colour Palette

If you're hosting an event in the fall, it's always nice to play up the natural colours of the season. Here I went with a sunflower motif and faux leaves in the colours of the season: rust, amber and burgundy.

I also used natural wooden accents with rustic platters and baskets. It really added a special touch to the fall theme.

The Menu

If you have a guest of honour, make sure you take their likes and dislikes into account. My "SIL" had requested waffles, so I had a great jumping off point. I decided to go with a "DIY Waffle Bar" which everyone seemed to like. Some of the garnishes I set out were: blueberry compote, maple syrup, whipped cream, berries and chocolate chips.

There's something about lots of toppings that is very party friendly. We added some more brunch favourites like parfaits, mimosas and store bought pastries/quiches to make a really nice spread.

A good tip when planning your menu is to keep in mind is that brunch should always have a combination of sweet and savoury treats. That way, there's something for everyone - regardless of what they feel like eating.

I also love the idea of DIY food stations. It ensures guests have something to do while they mingle and is an instant conversation starter. Plus - it's so much fun!

Prepare Ahead

When you're having any kind of event, it's always a good idea to prepare ahead of time. You want to make everything as seamless as possible when your guests arrive. Set out cutlery, serving spoons and platters ahead of time.

Also - anything that can be prepped early, should be - keep it ready and in the place where you will need it.

Tip: Prepare anything that needs to be served hot, at the very end so you don't have to reheat it.

For this boozy brunch, I prepared glasses with orange juice and a strawberry garnish ahead of time. That way, guests could add some bubbles right before they were going to have a drink.

When planning a party, I think the easier you can make it on your guests, the more fun they will have and the more relaxed you will feel while hosting!

All the extra effort and little touches always pay off when your friends and family have a good time. In this case, the birthday girl was all smiles so I'd say - mission accomplished.

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