Friday, September 22, 2017

Lifestyle: Flower Arranging Tips

What to do with "day-after" flowers

Last month, I was lucky enough to watch my friend's little sister tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony and romance was definitely in the air. The bride and groom were so in love and you could tell the entire room was just so happy for them.

I love when you can actually feel the positive vibes at a wedding or event!

It was a beautiful night and I was just happy to attend and be a part of it all! Before the night ended though, my friend insisted I leave with one of the stunning centrepieces, saying she knew I'd put the flowers to good use.

The gorgeous florals were by Sarah at Precious Flowers in my favourite colour palette so I couldn't really say no (Sarah also designed my own wedding centrepieces and bouquets so it was also kind of nostalgic).

I was so excited to take the flowers home and was already thinking about what I would do with them the next day.

Have you ever left a special event with a beautiful centrepiece to take home or had a friend bring you flowers as a hostess gift? You can either leave the arrangement as is and enjoy it on your dining table, or you can rearrange it and spread it all around your home.

I usually opt to rearrange bouquets for a couple of reasons:

1) I'm a crafty person and flower arranging is a relaxing hobby for me.

2) Taking flowers out of the floral sponge they are arranged in and putting them in water will extend their life.

3) Splitting an arrangement means you can enjoy them more and in different rooms.

4) You can arrange the flowers according to different colour palettes which may suit your home's aesthetic more.

In short, for me- all signs point to rearranging.

Flower arranging tips

Thought I'd share some tips on how to rearrange your own flowers into little bunches of prettiness to place around your home.

  • gather a few different sized vases and think outside the box- glassware, jars, mugs, teapots and watering cans all make great flower vases
  • carefully take apart your existing centrepiece and organize your flowers according to colour and type

  • fill the various containers with warm water and some flower food or a teaspoon of sugar (acts as plant food)
  • trim the stems and add them to your various jars and containers, designing as you go along (you can arrange by flower type/colour for a monochromatic vibe or mix and match according to what you think looks good)

  • Don't forget to use the greens! They add a nice visual break to florals
  • Once you are satisfied, have fun placing them stylistically all over your home. You will be surprised how many small arrangements can come out of one large one!

Hope you enjoy these tips and it helps you make the most of your day-after centre pieces and bouquets.

A special thanks to my friends Sheekha and Sheveta for sending me home with these beauties!


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