Thursday, December 10, 2015

On the Market: a bite

I was pretty intrigued when St. Hubert reached out to ask if I'd like to taste and test their brand new Poutine Bites.

Poutine? In a bite? Sounds like a good idea to me.

I said yes and then awaited the arrival of these brand new bites.

Poutine is a true classic Canadian food....I have yet to convince some of my American friends to try it, but those who have are floored by the perfect combination of gravy, cheese curds and french fries. It's a true comfort food, especially during cold winter months.

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It makes sense that a quintessentially Canadian restaurant franchise would come up with a new way to serve it.

St.Hubert has been around since 1950 and was founded by Helene and Rene Leger. They opened on Rue St-Hubert in Montreal and since then have opened more than 115 other locations across Canada.

Growing up, my family used to visit St. Hubert for the occasional Friday night dinner as one of their locations was on the same street as my family's store.

While there are no longer any St. Hubert locations in Toronto, I still remember their rotisserie chicken and gravy! It was kind of nostalgic for me to see their familiar friendly chicken logo on a box in my freezer this week.

The concept of their new poutine bites is "inside out poutine". The appetizers really are just that: a crunchy potato coating on the outside and a warm, melty mix of cheese and gravy on the inside. I found that it was the perfect amount of gravy per bite, although my personal serving suggestion, when you bring these home, it might be nice to have a little extra gravy on the side for dipping.

I served these up to some of my poutine-loving friends at dinner the other night.

Whenever I entertain, I am always especially excited about appetizers.

I really love my "appy hour". These bites were a great addition to our table as they were a hot, satisfying snack as well as a vegetarian option for our friends.

Each box contains about 25-30 bites and retails for $10.99.

They are available at Sobeys, Price Chopper and Foodland Ontario locations. I followed the directions on the package and baked the bites in the oven for eight minutes at 400 degrees. My friends really enjoyed the bites and mentioned that they would love to share them with some of their family members.

I loved that these are something that I can keep on hand in my freezer for impromptu occasions. They cooked up quickly and tasted great. I think they would be a great addition to an appetizer spread, especially over the holidays as they are a creative way to serve a classic food. They are easy to prepare and since they are small bites with the gravy inside, there is none of the mess that you might regularly associate with poutine.

Overall, I'd give these a thumbs up for being a delicious, quick and easy to make, indulgence for the holiday party season. Fun to eat and serve, I think they'd make a great conversation starter during the party as well.

For a get together, I'd pair these with some lighter options like veggies and dip or tomato and basil skewers, while my hubby says he'd rather serve them with chicken wings on boys' night.

While I normally gravitate towards healthier options for every day meals, what I like about these bites is that if you are having a craving for poutine, you can satisfy yourself with just a couple of bites versus going out and indulging in a large order of take-out fries and gravy. It's big flavour in a small bite and you don't have to feel bad about swaying from your regular diet.

If you decide to give these a try, would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a message here or tag me in an Instagram photo @angeliesood using the hashtag #insideoutpoutine.

Thanks so much to Group St-Hubert Retail Division for letting me try and test these Poutine Bites and for sponsoring this post. 

As always, all views and opinions are my own.

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