Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nutrition Challenge- Care to Join Me?

Hi Everyone!

I'm starting a new fitness and nutrition plan this week to challenge myself thanks to the new bootcamp I started and just stocked up on what I'll need at the local farmer's market.

I love to try new plans like this to shake it up a little in my daily routine and I find it helps me gain energy, lose a few pounds and exercise my will power. All in all, once you've completed it- you feel lighter and better.

This week I'm cutting gluten, dairy, alcohol and fruit. Normally I put brown sugar or honey in my tea or coffee but will be swapping out with stevia this week.

Why? I started to notice my working out and weight loss was starting to plateau. So I decided to challenge myself to try something new. It keeps me motivated and inspired to get the results I'm looking for and with the exception of fruit- these are items I try to limit in my daily life anyhow.

In addition, I'm trying to increase my water intake and will be taking a multivitamin (more regularly because I often forget) and one cod liver oil capsule with each meal (3 meals a day).

Cod Liver oil has health benefits like improving cognitive function, joint repair and is an incredible source for Vitamins A and D as well as Omega 3s (I'd suggest you do your own research though to decide whether it is right for you).

My three daily meals will be consisting of healthy proteins (about the size of your palm)  and as many veggies as I'd like. Some examples of the proteins include: skinless chicken, canned tuna in water, perch, salmon, egg whites, veggie burgers or tempeh.

Some exampled of the vegetables include: zucchini, salad, celery, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, onions, garlic, broccoli, bok choy, eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Snacks will also be veggies but you can pair them with things like- guacamole, salsa or tahini.
I'm  looking forward to this week of clean eating. If you're planning to join me this week for this eating challenge, let me know on Instagram @angeliesood

Happy Clean Eating :)

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