Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Video on Knife Skills is up on Youtube!

Hey everyone!
Thank you for all the continued support with my blog Taking you into my kitchen today with the launch of my new youtube mini series for the Lifestyle File. I've had such amazing feedback from so many of you regarding the 15 second videos I do on my Instagram and a lot of you have requested more video content. So, here it is! I hope these videos will inspire you to cook some more quick and healthy recipes, as well as provide some tips, tricks and information on how you can make your time in the kitchen continue to be time well spent.

In this first video, I talk about my favourite kitchen tool- my chef's knife! I love my chef's knives and I use one every day. A good knife is an investment for your kitchen and home and so it's really important to take good care of your knife so that it will last as long as possible!

Hope you guys enjoy this video and please like, comment and share the video with friends who love to cook as well and let's share the kitchen love!

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Thanks for joining me in my kitchen and on all my food adventures!

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