Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Food Experience in Chennai, South India

Travelling is one of my favourite things. Ever. There is something about escaping to a different place and learning all about the history, culture and way of life that makes you feel completely alive. Of course, for me the experience does not amount to much if I don't learn all I can about the country's food and food culture.

While in India last March, I had the opportunity to travel to many different states and learn about the different tastes and flavours that each have become famous for.

In South India, the spices are much stronger and the level of heat goes up quite a bit. There is also an incredible use of spices to create fragrances within the food. The result is an incredible taste experience that can not be matched elsewhere. Plus, there's something about being served your rice and curries on a banana leaf that makes the experience that much more authentic.

In this video, I experience the food culture in Chennai by checking out their famed restaurant, Saravanaa Bhavan. This restaurant serves authentic South Indian food and is so good that they've gone worldwide. You can find locations of this restaurant in the GTA - Mississauga and Scarborough. You can also find their restaurants across Europe, Africa and Asia.

I was lucky enough to try this restaurant in India and later experience the same tastes and flavours here in Toronto where I was afforded a glimpse into how they make their delicious vegetarian, South Indian dishes. You can check out their restaurants near you as well by visiting their website

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