Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Lifestyle File

The Lifestyle File has been my dream project for....I think forever. If I had to quantify it I'd say I have been daydreaming about it's official launch for about 4 years but the journey started long before.

When I was a little girl I used to watch lifestyle programs on tv with my mom....a strange thing to watch as a 6-9 year old.  I was fascinated with the food, fashion and even the way they decorated the sets. At 9 I was the youngest caller to phone in to CityLine (a Toronto Lifestyle tv show) to ask if you could use lemon for things around the house...besides eating -- blog post on that to come!

In my free time I'd pretend I had my own cooking show and would cook and prepare meals for my family. But not like a normal person. I, Angelie Sood, decided it was important to orate to my imaginary viewers, what I was making, why I was making it and how they too could make it "at home". I would look for things in the kitchen that had a reflective surface and would use it as my "monitor"...although at that point I had no idea what a monitor even was.

Flash forward and after many twists, turns and decisions made to find my true career path....I ended up where it all began and now have the honor of working on television and radio sharing all things I am passionate about with a larger audience. I also work in Education...where I am lucky enough to try to help a younger generation figure out what they are passionate about!

I think whatever you are doing in life, we always want to improve and become better. We want to be healthier, wiser, eat better, live better, BE better. I'm on a similar journey to be the best version of myself I can possibly be by reading, observing and learning through life.

Here you will find all the things that I've found bring colour and excitement to my life: food, books, fashion, fitness, decor, travel. I will share my own experiences and things I've learned in the hope that something you read will inspire you to create that same magic in your everyday world too.

So this is my blog....this is my journey. This is my life, my style.
This is... The Lifestyle File

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